Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

We are located at 424 Aetna Drive, Corbin City, NJ 

Our Self Serve Flower Market is open weekends (Saturday & Sunday) May-October from 10am-4pm. Our market may also be open on holidays/ special occasions and will sometimes be closed due to inclement weather. All changes to our regular hours will be advertised via our social media accounts. 

We do not currently offer delivery or shipping. All of our farm fresh bouquets should be picked up from our Self Serve Flower Market at the end of our driveway. Bouquet Subscriptions and Custom Orders will be picked up at a separate location disclosed at the time of pickup. 

Website orders are usually available for pickup within 48 hours of purchase. Actual pickup dates/times will be mutually agreed upon once the order is received. If you need a bouquet for a very specific date/time, please reach out to us via our contact page to discuss availability before ordering. 

1- Start with a clean vessel filled 2/3 way with water.

2- Add 1/2 packet of flower food. 

3- Snip the ends of your flowers at an angle with a sharp pair of scissors or pruners.

4- Remove any foliage that would come into contact with the water inside your vessel to help avoid bacteria growth. 

5- Arrange your flowers into the vessel as you see fit. Have fun with it! 

6- Do not place bouquets in direct sunlight, as this will cause them to age faster. 

7- Refresh the water, add the remaining flower food, and give the stems a fresh snip every few days to help extend vase life.

8-  Some blooms naturally last longer than others. As individual blooms fade, pull those blooms out of the vessel and refluff your bouquet.

9- Enjoy! 

We do not currently offer full wedding flower design services at this time, but do offer a Bucket of Blooms package (seasonally) to DIY brides looking to design their own bouquets and arrangements.

We also don't mind referring you to one of our amazing wedding florist/ designer friends. Don't hesitate to Contact Us for more info! 

Our self serve Flower Market is located at the end of our driveway. All other farm property is closed to the public with the exception of workshops, scheduled U-Pick events and, other private events. 

We're thrilled that your interested in having your photos taken on our property. Due to the fact that our farm is also our home, we currently limit photo sessions to those booked through our preferred photographer list in advance. Please  Contact Us for more information about pricing and to obtain a list of approved photographers. 

Our family farm sits on approximately 80 acres of land- with 25 of those acres cleared for farming. We currently have about 2.5 acres of that in flower production, with an additional 15 acres being used to grow our family's other crops such as Christmas trees, and various vegetables. The remainder of our open land is planted in cover crops that are beneficial to the abundant wildlife living in our area.