Who We Are

Petal & Pine Farm & Flower Co. is a small family run specialty cut flower farm located in Corbin City, New Jersey- along the banks of the Tuckahoe River.

We planted our first crop of sunflowers in 2019 just as a fun project to do with our daughter. Little did we know that folks would start stopping by- asking to purchase a bunch or two! Since then we’ve added a son to our family as well as over 100 different varieties of specialty cut flowers, including dahlias, tulips, zinnias, ranunculus and many more! We offer a road side Flower Market from May-September and also offer Bouquet Subscriptions as well! 

Hi Y’all! My name is Resa and I’m the face behind Petal and Pine Farm & Flower Co. I am a Wife + Mama with big dreams for the future of our little farm. I run the day to day business side of our operation and am also the head grower, harvester, + designer as well.

I am a small town girl with a background in finance, but deep down I am a creator at heart! I’m not happy unless I have a project! Our flower farm sure fulfills that need for me!

My garden has always been a place of rest and solitude for me, and I look forward to sharing a bit of that beauty with all of you! I’m passionate about all things motherhood, flower farming, and photography. My hope is to pull all that together in one place and give back to our community.

Mike is our Project Manager and Irrigation Specialist. He grew up in a multigenerational farming family right here on very same piece of property that we now own. He is passionate about farming, as well as land and wildlife conservation/ management. Mike is known for his sense of humor, but he also the one who brings a realistic perspective to the farm’s many plans and projects. This dream simply would not be possible without his knowledge and support!

In his free time, he enjoys hunting and fishing- pretty much anything outdoors!

We believe that family is everything, and that it’s our job to raise our children to be good, hard working people who love others well.

We believe that local flowers are ALWAYS BEST! Not only are local flowers fresher and safer for your family, but your purchase supports a local family in your neighborhood.

We believe that the best things in life take time to grow, and that slow growth = strong roots!

We believe that there is a beauty all around us- Even in the messy parts of our lives- if only we take the time to look! 

We belive that we are called to be good stewards of our resources and that we should strive to leave our environment better than we found it.

We believe that “A rising tide lifts all boats” and that together we can build a community that we are all proud of!