Supporting our local community is a really big deal here at Petal & Pine Farm. One of the ways that we like to do that is by featuring local artists and makers. Below you’ll find a list of a few folks that we love beyond measure! Each artist is talented in their own way and all are located within 10 miles of our farm. I am grateful to call each of these girls friends- and cannot begin to explain how much their support has helped us chase our dreams here at Petal & Pine.

Please check out their portfolios and consider supporting them as well!

Hi, I’m Kiesha

Hi, I’m Lauren

I’m an Artist & Maker living in a humble home by the beach, filled with thrifted treasures, art, pattern, and lots of toy cars (mom of 2, IYKYK)!

My work is inspired by identity, resourcefulness, gratitude, & nostalgia.

I create layered compositions made up of many patterns to add a maximalist/collected vibe to simple subject matter or moments like a basket of vegetables or a walk on the beach; I work mostly with acrylic gouache, acrylic paint, thrifted papers, and fabrics.

I like to play with scale, pattern, and color to add some whimsy to my work.

Hi, I’m Claudia!


Are you an artist or maker in The South Jersey Area?

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